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Udaan 2019

Indian Dental Association warmly welcomes you to the youth centric dental conference “UDAAN” that will be held concurrently with the World Dental Show on 18th, 19th & 20th October 2019 at MMRDA Grounds BKC, Mumbai.

During these three days, UDAAN will serve as a springboard for guidance , new thinking and inspiring approaches to young dental surgeons.

Come and experience dentistry and beyond. Learn from the stalwarts in dentistry as they open up about their career journey, the hardships they faced, the unexplored pathways they paved.

Get an insight about the options in dentistry that suit the best for you. Participate in various scientific activities to upgrade your clinical knowledge.

We at IDA, aim to develop impactful and transformative actions through different kinds of initiatives involving its best ambassadors: its members.


Get a deep insight of your own potential as well as clarity on the path ahead. Participate in the following activities.

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